Valley of the Bugling Bulls – 320 Acres of Wilderness Paradise near Feller’s Heights, BC

$ 749,000

Nestled within the enchanting "Valley of Bugling Bulls," you'll discover a cozy 570 sqft home/cabin that's your ticket to a tranquil escape into nature. Built with an acute appreciation for...



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  • October 13, 2023


Nestled within the enchanting “Valley of Bugling Bulls,” you’ll discover a cozy 570 sqft home/cabin that’s your ticket to a tranquil escape into nature. Built with an acute appreciation for the surrounding beauty, this cabin beckons you to experience the great outdoors like never before.

Cabin Features:

  • Cozy Retreat: Step inside your retreat from the world, where the warmth of wooden interiors and the embrace of nature’s beauty provide a sense of solace and peace. The cabin is well insulated and offers a kitchen, living area and sleeping area. A crackling wood stove heats the cabin and keeps it warm and cozy.
  • Spectacular Views: Every window of this cabin frames a breathtaking canvas of the property’s natural wonders. From every corner, you’ll be treated to stunning views that change with the seasons.
  • Exterior Sitting Area: A charming covered exterior sitting area extends your living space to the outdoors, where you can bask in the serenity of the surroundings and sip your morning coffee or enjoy evening conversations.
  • Outdoor Shower: Immerse yourself in the ultimate sensory experience with an outdoor shower heated by propane. Washing away the day’s adventures has never felt so refreshing and invigorating.
  • Outhouse: Accessible via a walkway from the cabin, the outhouse offers a rustic yet practical touch to your off-grid living experience. It’s a testament to sustainable living in harmony with nature.
  • Greenhouse and Elk-Fenced Garden: The property’s greenhouse is a haven for gardeners, allowing you to cultivate your own fresh produce. Adjacent to it, the one-acre elk-fenced garden ensures your crops flourish without interference from the resident wildlife. The greenhouse offers a woodstove extending the annual grow season. While mature haskbap bushes provide abundant sustanence.

In this cabin, and on this property, you’ll find more than just shelter; you’ll find a connection to the land and the elements. It’s a place where the world quiets down, and you can fully appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Whether you’re seeking solitude, adventure, or simply a respite from the everyday, this cabin in the “Valley of Bugling Bulls” offers it all.


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The Peace River region of British Columbia lays claim as the most robust and diverse economic region of the province outside of the Lower Mainland.  The regional GDP has exceeded $6.6 billion over the last several years and employment opportunities abound.  The region also possesses 40% of the cumulative provincial ALR lands.  This statistic demonstrates the regional economic reliance on agriculture.

The area possesses rich, fertile soil and produces more wheat, barley and grass seed than any other region of the province.  The continual flooding and retraction of the Peace River thousands of years ago created the flat topographical landscape that makes up the Peace River today.  The continual dispersion of sediment and nutrients by this major watershed created to the highly productive growing soils throughout the region.

The economy of Dawson Creek is based on four major industries: agriculture, retail, tourism, and oil and gas.  Agriculture has historically been the most important industry to Dawson Creek, as the city is the regional transshipment point for agricultural commodities.  The city is surrounded by the Agricultural Land Reserve, where the soil can support livestock and produces consistently good yields of quality grain and grass crops, such as canola, hay, oats, alfalfa, wheat, and sweet clover.  The service and retail sector caters to the city’s inhabitants, smaller nearby towns, and rural communities.

The city of Fort St. John is the most populace municipality in British Columbia’s Peace River Region with a population of 20,155.  The oil and gas sector continues to be the primary economic driver of the municipality with over 15% of Fort St. John residents employed directly in the industry.  Most regionally active oil/gas exploration, production and servicing companies have offices located in Fort St. John, which serve to boost other businesses particularly those in the service sector.

Grande Prairie is the region’s major economic hub with a population of approx. 65,000 residents.  The city is an oil and gas epicenter with many large companies strategically placing regional offices in the town.  As such, there are numerous supporting services and businesses in the town making Grande Prairie a thriving urban hub.

Major economic announcements regarding the $42 billion LNG Liquefaction Facility in Kitimat, and associated $600 million pipeline, intended to tie the Peace River’s Gas fields to the Kitimat’s LNG facility, shall ensure prosperity and economic growth in the Peace River for years to come.


The property is very close to the lively city of Dawson Creek.  Dawson Creek provides the opportunity to enjoy various forms of urban recreation.  Dawson Creek offers numerous dining and entertainment experiences all within a short commute from the property.  The large event center attracts many events and concerts through the entire year.  There is always something to look forward to.

In addition to recreational activities in town, there are endless outdoor pursuits in the greater Peace River Region.  Some of the best hunting and fishing in all of British Columbia may be found in the Peace River region and on this property specifically.  The property and surrounding area has robust populations of mule deer, whitetail, moose and elk, which provide ample hunting opportunities for the most discerning sportsmen.  The property also provides excellent off-roading opportunities for quads, dirt bikes and snowmobiles.

Additionally, the property is excellent for equestrian pursuits, with stunning views out over the surrounding countryside.  With trails situated throughout the property, there is endless opportunity to explore on horseback.


In 1951 the Peace River region gained fame, as a major producer of oil and gas in British Columbia.  In that year the “Fort St. John No. 1” well hit gas at a depth of 1,524 metres.  A few months later, in January 1952, the first deep well hit gas at 4,418 metres.  Drilled on the Bouffioux Farm, that well is still producing today.

Transportation/infrastructure improved at a rapid rate after that. In 1952, the Hart Highway finally connected the region to the rest of British Columbia, and in 1958 the Pacific Great Eastern Railway arrived in Dawson Creek.  That ease of transportation has allowed the region’s agricultural and forest industries to compete in distant markets.


  • Mature Haskap bushes
  • Perimeter fencing (may need some work on southside of the property)


  • Generator/Solar panels (electricity)
  • New septic/drain field
  • Composting toilet (outhouse)
  • Gravity fed water
  • Woodstove
  • Artesian well
  • Propane


  • 570 sqft home/cabin with exterior sitting area
  • Outdoor shower
  • Outhouse
  • Greenhouse
  • 1-acre elk fenced garden


$2,029 (2023)


No PRRD Restrictions

Property is not in ALR.



Country: Canada
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Price: $ 749,000

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