Serene 10-Acre Off-Grid Hobby Farm and Equestrian Property 1 Hour West of Quesnel

$ 360,000

Welcome to this remarkable 10-acre off-grid hobby farm nestled amidst the unspoiled wilderness an hour west of Quesnel, BC.  This captivating property harmoniously blends rustic charm with modern functionality, featuring...



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Welcome to this remarkable 10-acre off-grid hobby farm nestled amidst the unspoiled wilderness an hour west of Quesnel, BC.  This captivating property harmoniously blends rustic charm with modern functionality, featuring a unique log home with a PWF foundation and an under-construction extension.  The original log home pays homage to the area’s rich history, providing a warm, cozy living experience.  The ongoing construction offers a rare opportunity to customize the extension to your specific needs and preferences, promising a living space that perfectly suits your lifestyle.  It is currently set up for a couple bedrooms, with modern kitchen area, and future washroom.  Power for the property is derived from multiple solar panels taking advantage of the ample sun exposure in the area, and a 4,000-watt invertor runs the appliances throughout the house.  There are also back up generators in place to provide support in the event of black outs.

The farm, designed with the equestrian enthusiast in mind, showcases a well-structured barn complete with hay storage and two horse stalls.  Additionally, there are two heated water troughs for horses, ensuring their comfort in colder months.  For storage needs beyond the barn, the property includes additional storage facilities.  A greenhouse also graces the premises, offering a controlled environment to grow your choice of fruits, vegetables, and flowers all year-round.

The meticulously planned landscape includes fencing and cross-fencing throughout the property, with some sections featuring electric fencing for enhanced security.  The property’s perimeter is secured by a page wire fence, offering peace of mind and protecting the farm’s diverse flora and fauna.  Two fenced pastures are ideal for rotational grazing, while a round pen is perfect for training and exercising horses.

The property boasts a steady water supply from a well, and a year-round creek adds to its charm and utility.  The creek also provides a practical water source, allowing for the use of water pumps to irrigate the fields and aid in fire suppression if needed.  This blend of natural beauty and practicality creates a farm that is as functional as it is picturesque.

This oasis is more than just a property; it’s an off-grid paradise, an equestrian dream, and a self-sustaining farm all rolled into one.  This magnificent hobby farm offers a lifestyle steeped in nature, tranquility, and sustainable living.  With the conveniences of Quesnel and Prince George just an hour away, it provides the perfect balance between seclusion and accessibility.  Explore the potential of this enchanting property and envision a life of agricultural pursuits, equestrian activities, and tranquil living amidst the serenity of the British Columbia wilderness.


5553 Blackwater Spruce Road – Quesnel, BC


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Situated in the heart of British Columbia, Quesnel is a vibrant, small city with a rich history and a strong sense of community.  The city’s economy is built primarily on forestry, mining, and agriculture, offering a wide range of job opportunities in these sectors.  Quesnel’s history is steeped in the gold rush era, and the city continues to celebrate this heritage with annual events, museums, and historical sites.  Additionally, its location along the Fraser and Quesnel Rivers provides a beautiful setting for various recreational activities such as fishing, canoeing, and scenic riverside walks.

Just west of Quesnel lies the small, tight-knit community of Nazko.  Known as the gateway to the Blackwater, or West Road River region, Nazko is primarily an agricultural community, with a significant number of jobs in farming and ranching.  The region is also home to the Nazko Valley, which is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, hunting, and fishing.  The community is proud of its Indigenous heritage, and the Nazko First Nation plays a crucial role in the local culture and economy.

The Blackwater region of BC, named after the Blackwater River (also known as West Road River), is a pristine wilderness area renowned for its stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife.  The region is rich in resources, offering opportunities in logging and mining, while the vast stretches of fertile land provide excellent conditions for farming and ranching.  The area is also home to a growing tourism industry, with visitors flocking to experience the region’s unspoiled natural beauty.

Recreational opportunities in Quesnel, Nazko, and the Blackwater region are plentiful and diverse.  From boating and fishing in the region’s many lakes and rivers, to hiking and camping in the vast forests, there is something for every outdoor enthusiast.  Winter sports such as snowmobiling and cross-country skiing are also popular.  Additionally, the region’s diverse wildlife makes it a haven for hunting and bird watching.

The region’s history is a fascinating mix of Indigenous culture and gold rush era development.  The original inhabitants of the land, the Dakelh people, have a rich history that continues to shape the region’s culture.  With the gold rush of the 1860s, the area saw an influx of prospectors and settlers, leading to the establishment of Quesnel as a supply center.  Today, the region’s historical legacy can be explored through its many heritage sites, museums, and cultural events, providing a glimpse into the past while informing the present.


Quesnel and its surrounding areas offer a wide array of recreational activities for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, and those seeking relaxation.  Here is a detailed list of recreational opportunities:

Hiking and Biking

The area boasts numerous trails for hiking and biking.  Cottonwood House Historic Site offers trails with historical significance, while Ten Mile Lake, Hallis Lake, and Dragon Mountain are popular for their extensive trail networks.

Water Activities

Quesnel River and other nearby lakes and rivers, such as Ten Mile Lake and Bouchie Lake, provide excellent opportunities for boating, canoeing, and kayaking.  The Quesnel River is also a popular spot for white-water rafting.


The region is known for its excellent fishing, with opportunities to catch salmon, rainbow trout, and char in the Fraser and Quesnel Rivers, as well as in numerous local lakes.

Winter Sports

During the winter, locals and tourists alike enjoy snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing.  The Hallis Lake Cross Country Ski Club offers well-maintained trails and equipment rentals.


There are several campgrounds and parks perfect for overnight stays, including Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park, Pinnacles Provincial Park, and the campgrounds around Nazko Valley.


The forests west of Quesnel are abundant with wildlife, providing opportunities for hunting, with species ranging from deer and moose to a variety of game birds.

Horseback Riding

The vast, open spaces and scenic trails make the area perfect for horseback riding.

Bird Watching

With a variety of ecosystems, the region is a haven for bird watchers, with species such as the sandhill crane, great blue heron, and numerous songbirds.


Quesnel offers several beautiful golf courses, including the Quesnel Golf Club and Richbar Golf and Gardens.

Historical Exploration

For those interested in history, the Quesnel and District Museum and Archives provides insight into the area’s gold rush past, and the Cottonwood Historic House offers a step back in time with preserved buildings and live demonstrations.

Cultural Events

Quesnel hosts several annual events, such as the Billy Barker Days Festival, which celebrates the region’s gold rush history with parades, contests, and live entertainment.

Local Arts

Visit the Quesnel Art Gallery and listen to performances by the Quesnel Community Orchestra for a taste of the local arts scene.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or a bit of local culture, Quesnel and the areas west of the city have something to offer everyone.


53°12’55.23″N and 123° 9’2.79″W


  • Solar panels
  • Water


  • Log cabin and addition
  • Barn
  • Covered RV parking with additional storage
  • Woodshed
  • Outhouse
  • Storage buildings
  • Fencing/cross-fencing


$907.76 (2023)


Rural 2 (RR 2)

3505 – North Cariboo Area Land Use Bylaw, 1999



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