Off-Grid Home on Agricultural Parcel in Baker Creek, BC

$ 470,000

This 111-acre property is a remarkable piece of land with a diverse range of features and amenities.  Nestled in a picturesque location, it offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty...



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This 111-acre property is a remarkable piece of land with a diverse range of features and amenities.  Nestled in a picturesque location, it offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and functional infrastructure.

A significant portion of the property, approximately 24 acres, is dedicated to hay production.  This demonstrates its potential for agricultural purposes and indicates an existing agricultural operation.  The presence of fencing enhances the property’s functionality and provides a level of security for livestock or other purposes.

The property boasts several structures, including a cabin and various outbuildings, which offer additional storage space or the potential for workshops and other activities.  Additionally, there is a 1,400 square foot house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, providing comfortable living accommodations for residents.  The home was constructed in 2014 with open kitchen and living room warmed by a wood stove.

One of the standout features of the property is the sun deck that overlooks the expansive farmland.  This provides a serene and picturesque vantage point for enjoying the surrounding scenery.

The property is an off-grid home, powered by solar panels, which promotes sustainability and self-sufficiency.  This environmentally friendly feature offers independence from traditional utility services and reduces the property’s ecological footprint.

Merston Creek dissects the property, adding a natural water feature that enhances its appeal and potentially provides a water source for irrigation or other purposes.  Surrounded by Crown land to the north, east, and west, the property enjoys a sense of seclusion and privacy.  This allows for further exploration of the surrounding wilderness and potential outdoor recreational activities.

Overall, the 111-acre property is a captivating and versatile piece of land, combining agricultural potential, comfortable living accommodations, off-grid sustainability, and breathtaking natural surroundings.  It presents an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking a rural lifestyle with diverse possibilities for farming, recreation, and self-sufficiency.


4187 Lavington Road – Baker Creek, BC


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Baker Creek is a highly sought after recreational area, due to its raw beauty and seclusion along with its easy access to the town and employment center of Quesnel.  Its proximity to Quesnel makes the Baker Creek region the perfect amalgamation of rural living and urban convenience.

There are several large lakes in the area including Puntataenkut Lake, Teltierone Lake, Tiltzarone Lake and Puntchesakut Lake.  These lakes make the Baker Creek area a fisherman’s paradise with ample opportunity to catch a variety of game fish.  In addition to the many lakes, the region has enormous tracts of public land with logging roads and trails providing excellent year-round access and exploration opportunity.  Few other regions of the province offer such immense quantities of public land in close proximity to a major urban hub (Quesnel).

Quesnel is the closest urban center with a population of approximately 10,000.  Within the greater North Cariboo region there are approximately 23,000 residents all serviced by Quesnel.  The town is a major logging and transportation hub.  Quesnel is surrounded by productive forests and sits conveniently on Highway 97 between the urban centers of Williams Lake and Prince George.  Quesnel offers all the modern necessities required to supply and service your rural property in Baker Creek.  Sylvia’s Café is a short trip up the road if you need basic items and do not have time to drive into Quesnel.

The G.R. Baker Memorial Hospital services the Baker Creek and Quesnel areas and helps ensure the continued health and safety of the area’s residents.

The University of Northern British Columbia and the University of New Caledonia both have regional facilities in Quesnel.


Forestry continues to dominate, as the region’s major economic driver with tourism constituting a close second.  West Fraser, Tolko and C&C Wood Products are all active in the region and have made recent significant investments in their Quesnel operations.


The area surrounding the subdivision is as wild as anywhere in British Columbia.  With dense forests, open hillsides, multiple river systems and standing lakes, Baker Creek is home to a multitude of wildlife.  Within a short commute from the property you can see mule deer, moose, elk, bears, wolves, bald eagles, sandhill cranes, cougars and more.  The bird life is very impressive.


Lodge pole pine is the dominant tree species in the Baker Creek region.  In areas of low-lying wetlands, white spruce may be found in abundance.  Pine tends to dominate the ridges and hills while the marsh grass and willow is concentrated in the lower sections of the landscape.


The region surrounding the property is famous for its outdoor recreational opportunities.  The following activities are available:


The property sits in Management Unit 5-13 offering hunting opportunities for mule deer, moose, bear, wolves and multiple game bird species.  The ecosystem surrounding Baker Creek is rich and healthy allowing large populations of wild animals to flourish.  There are options to hunt both private land (with permission), or on the thousands of square kilometres of surrounding Crown land.


Within a short commute, the ample annual snowfall and high altitudes to the west create some of the best snowmobiling opportunities around.  There are infinite miles of seismic trails/logging networks to explore.

Cross-country Skiing

The same snow, which affords excellent snowmobiling opportunity, provides excellent cross-country skiing conditions.  This is a wonderful way to explore the peaceful country side without the constant hum of an engine.


The many river networks and lakes that dot the landscape provide infinite fishing and boating opportunities.


With all the surrounding Crown land and nature, the options for hiking and camping are endless.

The long summer days allow certain vegetables to grow large, but the growing season is short compared to some areas of the province.  There is plenty of space on each lot to construct a garden.
Urban Recreation

Quesnel, being so close, offers the opportunity to eat out for dinner, catch a flick or enjoy the community rec center.


As part of his commission from the North West Company, Fraser and his assistants John Stuart and James McDougall explored potential river routes to the Pacific Ocean from 1805 through 1808.  Explorations in the winter of 1805-06 by McDougall resulted in the discovery of Carrier’s Lake, now known as Stuart Lake.  In the heart of territory inhabited by the Carrier or Dakelh First Nation, this proved to be a lucrative locale for fur trading and so a post, Fort St. James, was built on its shore in 1806.  In 1821, the fort came under the control of the Hudson’s Bay Company, when the North West Company merged with it.  It subsequently became the administrative headquarters of the Company’s vast New Caledonia District.

The fur trade was slow to take root in the area, since the economy of the Dakelh people had been based on the fishery, rather than on trapping.  In addition, there were customary and ceremonial restrictions which placed obstacles in the way of an efficient fur economy.  Nonetheless, eventually the post became profitable and continued to function until its closure in 1952.

The community is located on the south-eastern shore of Stuart Lake, at the head of the Stuart River.  Both the lake and the river are named for Fraser’s assistant John Stuart, who would later become head of the New Caledonia District of the North West Company.


52°49’10.70″N and 122°58’6.08″W


  • Electricity (solar)
  • Wired for a backup generator
  • Septic
  • Dug well


  • 1,400 ft2 home (built in 2014)
  • Cabin
  • Hay sheds and outbuildings


$2,464.72 (2023)





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