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Chase was born in rural Alberta just west of Calgary in ranching country. He spent most of his time in Alberta hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and playing hockey in the winter. Chase has since moved to British Columbia and has come to appreciate the province for its raw beauty and friendly people. Chase continues to enjoy all of the outdoor pursuits he enjoyed back in Alberta while exploring British Columbia.

Chase possesses a thorough understanding of farming and ranching practises across Western Canada acquired from having spent thousands of hours on different farms/ranches and while working directly with landowners. Some of the greatest value Chase can provide to a landowner, seeking to sell a farm or ranch, is his ability to anticipate and comprehend potential challenges associated with selling a farm/ranch. Together, Chase and his Sellers can then proactively meet and overcome said challenges to help ensure a smooth and fluid sales process. Chase’s ability to meet these challenges stems from years of experience and a deep market understanding.

Customization and communication are the cornerstones of Chase’s operations, as he recognizes the diversity of needs associated with each new client and the importance of frequent, pre-determined communication protocols.


  1. Real Estate Business Diploma – BCIT
  2. Bachelors in Political Science – University of Calgary
  3. Licensed REALTOR® in the province of British Columbia
  4. CSI – Canadian Securities Course
  5. CSI – Wealth Management Essentials
  6. CSI – Conduct and Practises Handbook

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